Science Research

For those who wanted scientific papers / explanation, clinical trials, data & results on THz benefits, typically on the iTeraCare devices, below are collections of some of the sharing by fellow Doctors with their sharing posted on Youtube:

THz Radiation Therapy: Scientific Evidence of Efficacy & Central Nervous System by Dr. Douglas Kong (Retired doctor from Singapore Private hospital)

Dr. Douglas Kong’s scientific sharing on the Science of THz benefits on Natural well-being and Healing

Dr. Kong (A retired doctor with one of the big Singapore Private hospitals) sharing on Natural Healing and THz Health benefits

Dr Kong Scientific evidence of efficacy with reference to Gastroenterological disorders

Dr Kong shares on the THz health benefits on Diabetes

Dr Kong shares THz health benefits to our skin and obesity

Dr. Raafat, NeuroSurgeon neurologist shared the benefits of THz and Alternative Health

Scientific proof on THz Healing effect through Stem Cell Stimulation benefits -By Dr. James Ong (Graduated from Monash University, Australia with a Bachelor in Economics & Bachelor of Laws and completed a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine)

Stem Cell Rejuvenation with Terahertz device by Dr Cochran

iTeraCare Quantum Scalar Interview with Dr. James Ong and John Scevola (40 years of research and practice of Quantum Scalar Energy and Frequency Medicine Therapy Modalities)

Iteracare knowhow by Dr Soma

THz health benefits sharing by Dr Ken Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor ( Chinese )