Welcome to Alef Tav Remedy!

This website will feature information on products using energy modalities.  We believe all energy comes from THE ALEF TAV - YESHUA and is demonstrated in Genesis 1:1 - 5.  We are in the process of learning and sharing how to RECLAIM what was created in and of and through including the visible and invisible by YHWH Alef Tav.*

Contact Nitza for more Information and if you would like to purchase products such as the iTera Care Terahertz Wand/Blower.

remnantremedy@gmail.com is best for intial contact and response.

Blessings and Health!

Nitza Moshe

*Keep in mind, the information is shared from other practitioners and the manufacturer.  Instead of "chakras" we would use the term, "The 7 Cycles of Life Manifestation: or CLM-Cycle Life Manifestation.  Our bodies are made much like a menorah with 7 energy light cycles.  See Dr. Monzo's book, The Aleph-Tav Body System: Restoring the Hebrew Bio-Energetic Temple