iTeraCare Device Responses

  1. Feel burning - it means there is "evil fire" in the body.
  2. Feel freezing - -it means your body is very cold.
  3. Feel itchy--it means that your body is severely windy or hot-blooded.
  4. Feel body watery -it means you’re wet inside your body.
  5. Feel numbness - -it means that your body lacks qi (energy).
  6. Rheumatic pain - -means poor blood circulation.
  7. Feel pain or hurts - it means blockage of tendons and veins and blood vessels.
  8. Blisters - it means that due to dampness, the tendons and veins are blocked, and toxins cannot be discharged. This is a sign of effectiveness.
  9. No feeling - it means that your body is cold, and you need to keep on blowing.
  10. Sweating- - a manifestation of skin detoxification.
  11. Red rash- - a manifestation of skin detoxification.
  12. Urinating too much - -indicating that the kidneys and urinary system are not very good; for females, illustrates problems in gynaecology.
  13. Diarrhoea - diarrhoea frequently, and extremely smelly stools, it is the result of detoxification gas, indicating the problem with the gastrointestinal tract, pay attention to the occurrence of tumours.
  14. Sore throat, toothache --indicating that the liver fire is flaming.
  15. Fever - means that the yang qi is insufficient. You can use the scraping cup to scrape in the governor vessel and the bladder meridian, and the fever will soon disappear (Yang/Qi is the driving force of biological activities in the human body).
  16. The original chronic diseases will repeat - it is a normal phenomenon of detoxification, don't worry.
  17. Dizziness, tinnitus - it means that there is a stoppage of your qi and blood, just continue to blow and stick to it.
  18. The reaction moves around - This is a good reaction, which implies the smoothness of the meridians.
  19. Gynaecological diseases-reflect gynaecological problems according to the discharge, indicating that there is an adjustment of your gynaecological diseases and to reduce inflammation, which is a normal phenomenon.
  20. Expelling the cold - shows that there is a deficiency of "yang qi" in your body.

In conclusion, it is fine to insist on blowing although it may feel particularly uncomfortable.

Drink plenty of water.

Chronic diseases accumulate for a long time; therefore, recuperation needs to take time too, and the effect is also different depending on the person's physique!